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The first

narrative history

of the American

communist movement

in the 1930s.







The Nation,  Robert Green, II, June 1, 2020


“Stanton’s Red Black White illuminates how communists in Alabama and elsewhere in the United States used the law not only to bring international attention to the worst of Jim Crow segregation but also to build solidarity across race and class

lines. By doing the hard work of pursuing a legal strategy closely tied to a media strategy of publicizing numerous social injustices, Alabama communists helped lay the foundation for the organized civil rights movement that emerged in the late 1940’s and ending in the ’50’s."

LABORonline (The Labor & Working Class History Association),
Paul Buhle, January 23, 2020


“The rewriting of radical history has occupied two generations of United States historians, in one way or another, and among some especially fine efforts in race-linked struggles Red Black White by Mary Stanton is a gem.” 

People’s World, (online)  Tony Pecinovksky,  April 24, 2020


“Mary Stanton’s  Red Black White is a concise, readable overview, a welcome contribution to the history of CPUSA in District 17 (Alabama) and to the struggles it led against racism…Stanton is correct when she writes, ‘the seeds

of Black liberation, of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter can all be traced directly the the legacy of the Southern Negro Youth Congress, the International Labor

Defense (ILD), the League of Struggle for Negro Rights, the National Negro Congress and the Civil Rights Congress,’ --- all organizations led by communists."




From Selma To Sorrow: The Life & Death of Viola Liuzzo, University of Georgia Press (1998) Second printing, 2014.  Nominated for Pulitzer Prize, 1999.  Loyola University Award for the Study of Communication, Language & Gender, 1998.


Journey Toward Justice: Juliette Hampton Morgan and the Montgomery Bus Boycott,

University of Georgia Press (2006). American Association of University Professors Outstanding Title for Understanding Race Relations in America, 2007.


Freedom Walk: Mississippi or Bust, University Press of Mississippi (2003).


Hand of Esau: Montgomery’s Jewish Community and the 1955/56 Bus Boycott,

River City Publishing, Montgomery, Alabama (2006). National Best Book (Religion/Judaism), USA Book News, 2007.





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